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The CEO-Adventure™

A master mind for decision-makers


Clarity of WHY


I believe that for every random cost-cutting measure there is a viable SOLUTION ALTERNATIVE that not only makes a business profitable but also sustainable and respectful of humanity at the same time. Treating humanity as a bargaining chip for higher net-profits incites moral crises*!



Discipline of HOW


The way decision-makers find solution alternatives that improve their circumstances is through opening their hearts and minds to new and unfamiliar sources of knowledge and expertise; in other words, through MORAL INTERACTION with:

  • Others whose trust and confidence they cherish
  • Others outside their own sphere of influence
  • Unfolding disruptive events


Consistency of WHAT


In order for decision-makers to open their hearts and minds, we deliberately CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for moral interaction in the form of Master minds, Presentations, Training, Coaching and Consulting. Participants will acquire the unique skill set of ORGANIZING specialized knowledge into a singular, unique, integrated and open business system and DIRECTING that force intelligently towards the realization of a unifying vision of service to others. This skill set is known as “THE MISSING LINK IN THE VALUE CHAIN™”.



The CEO-Adventure is a top-down grass roots’ movement for forward thinking current and future executives worldwide that feel compelled to address the moral crises of today. If this program resonates with you, then this program describes who you are and we want to hear from you today! Call (858) 344-1137


A departure from the generally accepted cultural codes of conduct or standards of behavior that constrain, as well as sustain and focus, our emotional/intellectual responses.


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