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The Executive Mastermind

Enhancing Decision-Makers’ Power to Adjust or Change in order to Cope with New or Unforeseen Circumstances.  DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE? In everything we do, we firmly believe in endeavoring to gain ever deeper insight into the nature and character of a business system rather than to judge its people. After all, no matter […]

Professionalism in Executive Leadership

The Peter Principle states that: “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence”. In other words, people stop being effective, which has been the topic of many leadership studies, examples of which are mentioned below. In my experience, effectiveness or competence is not so much a matter of knowing everything […]

Capitalizing on Complexity

Statistics show that 94% of all results are systemic; i.e. how the system is designed, built, implemented, maintained and managed.  Studies show that 75% – 96% of all business failures involve human error. Be that as it may, human error is not the cause of failure but the symptom of a failing system. A Global […]

The Most Important Leadership Quality

Recently, IBM published the results of over 1500 face-to-face interviews with CEOs, General Managers and senior public sector leaders from around the world, in a paper called “Capitalizing on Complexity”.   They found that the most pressing challenges facing CEOs today are: Coping with change Increased complexity   The interviewed leaders identified Creativity as the most […]

Rising to the Challenge

Dr. Albert Einstein said: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which we were when we created them”. In other words, performing more of the same functions better, faster, smarter and more efficiently is not going to solve our problems; regardless of our best efforts, perseverance or […]

Creative Imagination

Business is often compared to a competitive sport. So, let’s pick NASCAR or the Indy 500 and figure out what competing teams have in common: The idea or conviction of one’s own beliefs about what is possible (= vision). A meeting place for testing one’s ingenuity against that of rivals. Sporting the best performing vehicle […]

There’s no Substitute for Knowledge

How many times have you been aboard a jet liner taking you across the country, the Pacific Ocean or to Europe and beyond? Have you ever wondered how those engines generate the power to push you back into your seat and make the aircraft take to the skies? Dr. Albert Einstein said that everything should […]

Change the System or Fail

Executive tenure depends on your ability to change or adjust   If everything inside your business were running like clockwork, wouldn’t you be on the golf course, out surfing, or sipping margaritas with friends? The fact that you’re reading this article is because you’re still looking for answers to the significant, persistent and recurring problems […]

The CEO-Adventure™

A master mind for decision-makers   Clarity of WHY   I believe that for every random cost-cutting measure there is a viable SOLUTION ALTERNATIVE that not only makes a business profitable but also sustainable and respectful of humanity at the same time. Treating humanity as a bargaining chip for higher net-profits incites moral crises*!   […]

It’s NOT about the Money!

IF the purpose of business is “Making Money” then basically all you care about is: How to Increase Sales How to Raise Prices How to Lower Cost IF making money is all that you care about, then why not sell the whole kit and kaboodle and invest the proceeds? Why else would anyone want to […]