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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Fool me once …

top-three business challenges – Bottom-Line results – Top-Line results – Employee retention – Human Resources – employee retention rate – Psychology magazine – change supervisors – Cranfield University, UK – government study – W. Edwards Deming – Japan – WWII – technical failure – James Reason – Human Error – pattern – cause and effect relationship – employee-friendly business system – increase in profitability – employee satisfaction – happy employees are productive and efficient workers – conditions under which humans work – doing the same thing all-over again – work smarter not harder – outside the box – compelling argument – purpose or reason for being

The Myth about Change

process improvement – change – doing more of the same but better – performing ordinary activities extraordinarily well – change requires changing ones behavior or habits – Mary Morrissey – If I didn’t believe something was impossible, what would I do? – The freedom to doing what you want to do is on the other side of the fences we build all by ourselves – opening one corner of your mind to the possibility – thought-experiment – any real change was ridiculous until it became mainstream – inventors – dream or a vision – Joseph Campbell – Hero-Adventure – mental transformation – instigate great changes – great unshakeable belief – When you desire, it wont be a fairytale – Theodore Herzl – Real change is a transformation of your mind – Napoleon Hill – Think and grow rich – burning desire – incentive to changing your mind – myth – outside their comfort zone – life is about growth – executives accepting the invitation to embark on a transformative journey – Fork in the road – embracing expanded thinking – persisting in conventional thinking – executive sponsorship

The Elephant in the Economy

favorite change management projects – big problem and yet no-one has made any mistakes – paint the bigger picture perspective – making sense – the Economy – big problem but no-one really made any mistakes – rotten apples that spoiled the barrel – Bad Economic Times – organization – collection of actors that display a certain behavior – people – systems – departments – relationships and interdependencies – there are no accidents, just cause and effect relationships – the Economy is bad because of bad business – common interest – healthy Economy – Progress and prosperity – mindset – a zero-sum game – mental programming – organizational behavior – logically correct – morally sound – reaping big, certain, and immediate profits – measures benefitting a small minority at the expense of a large majority – Best-Practices – big-business – distinct pattern in failing organizations – dominating thought – the Ends justify the Means – winning streak – Good Economy originates from good business – creating real value for buyers – the scapegoats for the bad Economy – the law of cause and effect – employee retention rate – Top-Line results – Profit margin – top three challenges that most organizations complain about

Connecting the dots

interpretation – mental conditioning – socio-economic background – education – personal experiences – independent consultant – organizations – decision-makers – specific patterns – Actors and their Behavior – Frederick Winslow Taylor – Scientific Management – efficiency – specialization – structure – Charley Chaplin – Modern Times – challenge – tie everything back together again – Strategic planning – social media – customer service – operational efficiency – internet – fixed script – system – credibility – The moral of the story – vote with their feet – satisfy clients – employee turn-over – cost of continuous recruiting and training – measuring net efficiency gains – high-level decision-maker – sign-off on specifications for designing, building, implementing and accepting investments in new strategic initiatives – the real value of efficiency gains – Brand – perception by individual clients – marketing campaigns – connect the dots and paint the bigger picture

Judging vs. Thinking

You should have seen this scene and I wish I’d remembered the title of the movie. Picture this; the scene is set in an Asian country where two young and beautiful American women are visiting a local market. They pass the many stalls with fish, vegetables and crafts when they stop and look at a […]