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The Missing-Link in the Value-Chain™

How to lead a business beyond the possibility of defeat?

Ninety-four percent of all challenges to business success are systemic in nature. This means that these problems originate from the Planning, Execution, and Control processes that leaders apply towards the Design, Construction, Implementation, Maintenance and Management of the business system, a.k.a. Business-Governance.

Ultimate responsibility for success and failure of Business-Governance belongs to the person who was given ultimate authority for changing Business-Governance, when required for the successful pursuit of a compelling vision of service to others. That is the Chief Executive Officer.

A lack of CEO-Effectiveness™ at Business-Governance causes businesses to, inadvertently, destroy themselves from within. This becomes more acute when economic times reduce the margins for error under normal operating conditions. A shortfall in CEO-Effectiveness is evident from a worldwide trend showing increased CEO turn-over due to underperformance.

Underperformance at the helm of complex businesses is the result of a “Missing-Link” in executive education: the specialization on how to Organize and Use knowledge after it has been acquired. A skill at analysis within silos of specialized knowledge is not enough to enhance CEO-Effectiveness. In addition, executive decision-makers need to be skilled at Synthesis across multiple silos. After all, Information Technology connects every process to any other process, which opens businesses further to the possibility of defeat at their own hands.

This “Missing-Link in the Value-Chain™” is a unique program designed specifically to enhance CEO-Effectiveness at Business-Governance, in order to create businesses that are sustainable, profitable and respectful of humanity.

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