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Facts Tell and Stories Sell

From the beginning of times, we have used stories to convey messages and pass-on wisdom to those who cared to listen. Those stories such as fables, myths and other folklore are delivered by troubadours, actors, nannies and the like. Somehow, the messenger has to take distance, set the stage in some mythical and far off […]

The Missing Link in the Value Chain

The best dividends on the labor invested have invariably come from seeking more knowledge rather than more power. — Wilbur and Orville Wright Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wrightflyer.jpg The Wright brothers established the fundamental principles of aircraft design that are still in place today. They not only created the technology of flight but, of equal significance, invented […]

Why Management Education Fails Chief Executive Officers

Michael Porter, the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, co-authored the article titled “The Seven Surprises for New CEOs” published in the Harvard Business Review of October 2004. This article, as with all of his articles, is worthwhile reading. The premise is that CEOs assume ultimate responsibility for the success and failure […]

Why CEOs are Doomed to Re-Inventing the Wheel

We should all be awe-inspired by the Wright brothers; the two men from Dayton, Ohio who discovered the principles of controlled flight. At that time, contemporary aviation pioneers such as the German Otto Lilienthal were successful at gliding; exchanging altitude for forward movement. The success of their aircraft was literally dependent upon the whim of […]

We are the Economy!

The economy is a system that is comprised of sub-systems such as government (supra-national, international, national and local), business (for profit and non-profit), and households. Dr. W. Edwards Deming said that 94% of the results generated by a system are systemic in nature. That means that those results have been produced in accordance with the […]

The Secret of all Secret Business Solutions

Question:         What is the secret of all secret business solutions? Answer:           There is NONE! Solutions to recurring and persistent business performance challenges are like medicines and our consulting world acts like a gigantic pharmacy. As a matter of fact, we are surrounded by an infinite abundance of cures, remedies and treatments that promise to relieve […]

The Missing-Link in the Value-Chain™

How to lead a business beyond the possibility of defeat? Ninety-four percent of all challenges to business success are systemic in nature. This means that these problems originate from the Planning, Execution, and Control processes that leaders apply towards the Design, Construction, Implementation, Maintenance and Management of the business system, a.k.a. Business-Governance. Ultimate responsibility for […]

Beating the Bad-Economy

Your business is hurting and your inbox fills up with advice on leadership from other businesses seeking your patronage. You’ve heard every buzz word and catch phrase at least a dozen times; F*R*E*E* – One-Day-Only – Money-Back-Guarantee – Double your profits in half the time – Work Smarter not Harder – la-di-da; it all sounds […]

Who Holds You Hostage to Mediocrity?

Hostage – Mediocrity – success – vision and purpose – relationship between means and ends – the end justifies the means – well-being and welfare of stakeholders – altruistic – resonate with specific target audience – a distinguishable reason for being – responsibility, truth, values, beliefs, ethics, and moral standing – for-profit – not-for-profit – business model – foundations of your brand – socially responsible – environmentally conscious – employee owned – engaged in fair-trade – source of excellence – customer loyalty – scandals – fraud – confuse means and ends – decision-makers – by hook or by crook – obsession – decision-maker – predatory cultivation – damn the consequences – improve the bottom-line – hostage to mediocrity – the banking industry and Wall Street derailed – quality of service – bait-and-switch – marketing driven – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action – mail-in rebate – dissonance – fear and uncertainty – suggestion – undermine rational thought – instill fear – worst-case scenario – wreak havoc – emotions – uncertainty – last-resort measure – politicians – distinguishing features – character assassination – criticizing the messenger rather than the message – We-the-Public – cheated and taken for a ride – questioning good intent – revolutionary – authentic – on-purpose – compelling vision – self-renewal – re-invention – excellence – winning hearts and minds – deception – destroy competitors – ROI – pursuit of excellence – rewarding – choice

Business as a Spectator Sport

business – spectator sport – Dutch – the best sailors stand onshore – advice – consequences – marina – novice captain – lack of experience – indecision – common sense – arm-chair players – fall flat on your face – success – audacious – innovative – gamble – stupidity – strategic decisions – terrifying – consequences of your mistakes – strategic decision – mitigate – unintended and unwanted results – tough times – opinions and expertise – consultants – create dissonance – personally accountable – time is of the essence – proven solution – big names in the industry – leaders that make-up their minds quickly – wisdom – act out of fear – symptom – prescribed solution – me-too – hostage – mediocrity – describing – relationships between means & ends and cause & effect – variance – benchmarks for success – Authentic Solution™ – root cause – strategic direction – generate synergy – the game of business – patterns of activities – reasoning – purpose – logically correct – rooting for your success – W. Edwards Deming – Japanese motor industry – there’s no substitute for knowledge